The Coros Vertix is solid competition for the big-dog fitness trackers

iMore via RSS Sunday, 28 July

Long-distance runners need reliability they can trust. So what happens when a company you trust suffers reliability? Coros is here to pick up the pieces.
With all the excitement that comes from a new device maker entering an established market, there's always a bit of hesitation mixed in. Will the innovation disrupt and add something new to the space? Will the company fizzle out, or get acquired and disappear, leaving consumers hanging.
A few months ago a friend of mine told me about this "new company on the block" Coros. Maker of sports technology products, their website is light on background information and corporate history, but the Coros product line offers solid and feature-rich sports watches with advantages price points. I dismissed the company at first. I was happy with my Suunto watch, didn't think a new product was necessary in that market space.
Then market leader, Suunto, stumbled with months-long syncing issues and Coros pounced on the opportunity. They smartly beg......


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