Protect your iPhone XS with little extra bulk with a thin case

iMore via RSS Monday, 20 January

So you have an iPhone XS and want to protect it from minor scratches and bumps without sacrificing the original feel of the phone itself? If you answered yes to that, then you're searching for an ultra-thin case. Fortunately, we've got you covered with some great options.
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totallee Thin iPhone XS Case
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If you want the thinnest case out there, then totallee has you covered. This Thin iPhone XS Case is only 0.02mm thick, so you'll barely feel anything at all. It's thin enough to protect your device from scratches, but don't expect anything beyond that. It's made for people who want to have a naked iPhone, but don't want anything to scuff it up at the same time.
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The Original
Peel Super Thin iPhone XS Case
Peel cases are paper-thin at 0.35mm and fully or semi-transparent, depending on the color you choose. Even if you go with a color, such as Rose Gold, the semi-transparent (frosted) matte finish still lets your phone's natural be......


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