Keep your whole family secure with a free three-month trial to 1Password

iMore via RSS Tuesday, 5 March

A free trial that's three times as long.
Passwords are tricky. You need dozens of them for all your emails, website logins, work accounts, and whatever else, but each one also needs to be unique and complex to keep everything secure. That adds up to a lot of random letters (some capitalized, some not), numbers, and special characters you have to remember. That's why password managers like 1Password are so great. Keep all those passwords as complex and secure as possible without having to drive yourself crazy or constantly click that "Forgot your Password?" link.
Android Central has considered 1Password to be the best password manager around for some time, and the developers are constantly updating it with new and exciting features. If you want to try 1Password right now, you can get a three month trial absolutely free. If you just go through the normal website, the free trial is only 30 days, so we're giving you some more time to learn all the ins and outs before you decide for you......


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