Here's what we think of Astro Bears for Nintendo Switch

iMore via RSS Sunday, 28 July

A hilarious party game for up to four players
Astro Bears isn't as much of a new game for the Nintendo Switch as it is an updated version of Astro Bears Party which released in 2017. The gameplay is basically what you'd get if Super Mario Galaxy and the classic game, Snake, had a baby. Up to four players race around a sphere in space leaving a ribbon trail behind them. If someone runs into a trail they die. The point is to see who can outlast the other players.
Sonka, the game's publisher, adds more to the traditional Snake mechanics by allowing characters to dash ahead of other players or use their jet packs to jump over a ribbon trail to avoid a collision. The catch is that each character only has a certain amount of energy to use. If your energy is depleted, you might not be able to avoid certain doom, so you'll have to be strategic about where you run and how long you use your jet pack.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I passed Joy-Cons out to my friends and turned the game o......


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