From the Editor’s Desk: Siri and privacy: Is it worth it?

iMore via RSS Sunday, 28 July

In the absence of information, we fear what we don't understand. It's time for companies to be more transparent about what they're doing behind the scenes, especially when it comes to our privacy.
This past week, some information came out that people contracted to work on Siri's quality control regularly hear up to 30 seconds of our personal conversations that Siri was not supposed to be listening to. This information, according to an unnamed source that spoke to The Guardian, some of that private audio includes conversations with doctors, drug deals, and even people engaged in sexual activity.
There's a lot to unpack here, and iMore's Apple analyst Rene Ritchie has already done some research and spoke to experts in the field of virtual assistant learning and has a deep-dive analysis of the situation right now.
Apple did respond to the issue with an explanation about its process and regulation regarding Siri training, which is also included in its whitepaper and user agreement.


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