Find those darn evasive Formidable Pixies in Wizards Unite with these tips!

iMore via RSS Sunday, 28 July

Are you stuck on the SOS Task to defeat 10 Formidable Pixies? Here's some tips to help you complete the task!
Completing SOS tasks in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a great way to earn XP, items, and other rewards, but some of the tasks are a little more difficult than others. One such task is to defeat 10 Formidable Pixies in Wizarding Challenges.
These Pixies can be hard to find, which makes taking down 10 of them no easy feat; however, there are a few tips we have for finding them so you can complete this task!
Formidable Pixies tend to spawn in Tower chambers
When you go to a Fortress, you'll need to select a chamber to go into, and the higher level chambers will contain harder foes. It seems that the Tower chambers have a higher chance of spawning Formidable Pixies as enemies.
The good news is you can find them in Tower Chamber I and Tower Chamber II, so you don't need to climb the ladder too far, and they seem easy enough to find with Level 1 Runestones. It also doesn't ......


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