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Best Nintendo Switch Deals for October 2018

iMore via RSS Thursday, 11 October

The Nintendo Switch is quite popular, making it not the easiest thing to find on sale. We've seen a very slight increase in deals recently and some new bundles surfacing, but knowing if you are getting the best deal is difficult. We've cut the hard work out of the equation and done the research to find the best options that you can take advantage of right now.
Keep in mind that these deals do have a high sellout rate, so they may not all be available when you are ready to make the purchase.
Nintendo Switch Console
You can buy just the console by itself and pick up the games that you want as you are ready for them, and this is the most cost-effective way to get into the ecosystem initially. The Switch is in-stock right now at the following retailers:
Best Buy
Factory Refurbished via Nintendo for $265
Nintendo Switch Bundles
One of the smarter ways to secure a Nintendo Switch for yourself these days is by purchasing it in a bundle. Oftentimes the bundles incl......


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