Apple CEO Tim Cook says global tax 'needs to be rehauled'

iMore via RSS Monday, 20 January

What you need to know
Tim Cook says the systems in place for global tax need work.
He was speaking during a visit to Ireland.
Cool will receive an award relating to Apple's presence in the country.
He wants GDPR to go further, too.
Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Ireland to pick up an award relating to his company's ongoing presence in the country. But it's his comments about taxation that are grabbing headlines with his assertion that global tax "needs to be rehauled" grabbing attention.
Many companies have been accused of using some countries – like Ireland, for example – as a way to move their money out of other countries with higher tax rates. Apple is one company that has been accused of exactly that, but while Apple is fighting an ongoing legal battle on the subject, its CEO is of the belief that something needs to change. As Reuters notes, he wants the OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development – to make changes.
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