A Police Scotland video shows a Cellebrite data recovery machine in use

iMore via RSS Monday, 20 January

What you need to know
Cellebrite devices are used by law enforcement to retrieve data from devices.
Police Scotland have begun using so-called Cyber Kiosks.
They've even shown one off in a YouTube video.
There's no mention of its ability to get past passcodes, though.
Cellebrite machines are used to retrieve data from phones and tablets and law enforcement around the globe uses them. Now Police Scotland is also taking advantage of them. And they're so excited they're telling everyone all about it.
Police Scotland has shared a post to its website (via 9to5Mac) in which it outlines what it's calling Cyber Kiosks. In that post, we're told that by using the new machines police officers will be able to determine whether a device contains important information more quickly.
Cyber kiosks are desktop computers, which will be located in police stations across local policing divisions. The technology allows specially trained officers to triage mobile devices to determine if they cont......


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